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TC9RUxi42MHqsuTcyvYwEybjgkXXX 0.50000000 TRX
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  1. You are not allowed to use Hosting, Proxy, VPN or Bots.
  2. We use FaucetPay to Deposit and Withdrawal.
  3. Deposit and withdrawal account must be the same.
  4. Failure to complete Human verification/Captcha too many times will risk your account being blocked.
  5. We do not have the right to edit or delete any account or address. 
  6. Any deposit on the site in a wrong way is not refundable.

we use FaucetPay to Withdrawal
FaucetPay Wallet Address

How many days does the Mining Power last after purchase.
Duration of Mining  GH/s = 40 Days

The withdrawal is done automatically. We are linked with FaucetPay and our account is verified with the company.

This feature will be activated on specific occasions to reward members on TRON Mining

At the moment, there is 1% commission for Withdrawal on TRON Mining.

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